Four days just went by that fast! 🐇
It has been a while since we last sent a message, but we're SOOO excited to see you all virtually this August 26-29!
Fifteen countries, all for the celebration of Asian improv, culture, and stories. See you on August 26-29!
Learn Bollywood Improv, Chekhov Technique for Improv, or Embrace your Roots with Love, Jhemerlyn!
We've got eight #ImprovisAsianFestival workshops in store for you, and more!
We'd love to tell you why you should join the ImprovisAsian Festival 2021, but we'll let incredible SPIT Manila take the mic instead. 🎤
If you're an Asian improv group (or mostly Asian!) and want to celebrate your heritage, your stories, and your experiences, come join us!